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Intersections of Grace: Reflections on a Life of Faith

New Beginnings, an imprint of Material Media, 2013

Intersections of Grace grew out of a series of devotional talks delivered to Susan’s Bible Study group. After much encouragement from the women in the group , she turned these talks into a collection of written essays and prayers. God’s word, nature, pets, travel, and daily life inspired the writings. Over the years, as a student of the Bible, Susan has witnessed many manifestations of God’s Grace. These essays beautifully express Susan’s belief that if we are only attentive, we may see the intersections of God’s Grace at every step of our journey.

The book's foreword is written by the renowned Louis H. Zbinden, Jr., the former senior pastor of The First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio - a role in which he served for 30 years. In 2002, First Presbyterian Church established the Louis H, and Katherine S. Zbinden Chair of Pastoral Ministry and Leadership at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Zbinden became the first to hold the chair the following year. "I am so grateful for the words of Pastor Zbinden as he has had a tremendous impact on my journey in faith over the years," notes Kerr. "It is so fitting and I am so humbled to have his foreword as an introduction to my work."

The second edition includes thought provoking study questions that can help facilitate your own awareness of intersections of God’s grace, or make a wonderful tool to be used in a study group.

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"Visiting my mother who just turned 90, I read one chapter to her. She has been like a sponge soaking in your descriptions and spiritual truths. The readings were very tender to both of us. You have provided us such sweet moments together and a time to share feelings and faith."

Barbie Beach

"I know I’m not going to have a favorite chapter because they are all so moving and touching. I and and so many thousands of people will enjoy and appreciate these incredible life lessons and manifestations of faith."

Jonathon Morse

"I have spent such a special time in God’s word and the pages of your thoughtfully written book. Your ability to weave words, thoughts, memories, every day experiences and references to beloved hymns and great literature is inspiring. What a gift you have shared."

Leslie Bennett

"This is one of the most moving devotionals I have ever read."

Patty Beem

The author is a careful observer of nature, architecture, people and animals. She is also a gifted teacher...

Jane S. Worth

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend” brought tears to my eyes. From the start of reading the book, the word that kept coming to mind was “authentic.

Holly Zimmerman

"You are a gifted voice of our Lord. Your everyday life experiences are real to all of us. You make God come alive to us …your words are warming to the soul and succinct and simple. This book is now a part of my well worn, marked in and highlighted devotionals. I will cherish it always."

Nancy Oberman

"Beautiful black and white photographs by the author enhance this lovely devotional."

Helen Wagner