Comments and Testimonials


Responses to Susan's Speaking Appearances:

"Oh my goodness gracious. You and God absolutely outdid yourselves. So well spoken and from the heart. Excellent, excellent. I will repeat and repeat - it was beautiful, you were vulnerable, honest and sincerely challenging to all of us."

Janie Worth

"What an amazing and inspirational talk you delivered. You were a reflection of God's grace. He anointed you to spread His message of hope and trust in a beautiful way. It was a blessing to see how poised and courageous you were."

Jeannie Dulnig

"Well, just a note to say you totally "nailed it" today! It was honest, heartfelt, encouraging and delivered in the most totally professional manner: clear, understandable, good pacing and humorous!"

Diana Morehouse

Dear Susan, You really touched my heart today. What an inspiration to hear you talk. It was a true privilege to be in the audience. Thank you for sharing so many experiences and wisdom you have learned through the years.

Laurie Gripenkurl

Thank you for sharing your heart and your story with us. The Lord has given you a special appreciation for His truth and has given you a powerful gift for communication."

Rev. Bob Fuller

You literally held your audience spellbound. Your presentation was beautiful, God-given and heartfelt.

Kathey Anderson

"Your delivery, your wit, your genuineness, your gentleness... was a true gift."

Linda Seeligson

"What a perfectly beautiful talk you gave. I could have sat there ALL day and listened to your stories about your Christian walk. Thank you for sharing your faith with me!

April Hays


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